A wedding on the beach and what I loved about it

Romantic weddings on the beach are simple, beautiful and economical. I will share the details of a lovely beach wedding I attended this summer, and also some ideas for anyone who might be interested in planning a beautiful wedding by the sea.

Who Can Resist the Romance of the Sea?

The gentle splashing of the waves against the warm sand was spellbinding, as we stood there in our bare feet waiting to catch the first glimpse of the bride. As we waited in eager anticipation, I smiled at my husband, and held his hand a little tighter. The bride and her father appeared on the porch of the beach house, locked arms as they descended the weathered steps, and began their walk toward the water.

Beach Music

The traditional wedding usually includes someone’s rendition of the wedding march as the bride walks down the aisle. Our beautiful bride walked toward her groom to the sounds of sea birds swirling above her, and waves spilling onto the shore. 25 friends and family members gathered to celebrate the special day.

I Do

The ceremony was personal and sweet. The couple wrote their own vows, and as they recited them, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one wiping away a tear. The barefooted minister encouraged the post ceremony kiss, and then we all exchanged hugs, kisses and congratulations.

Everyone’s a Photographer

The bride and groom didn’t hire a professional photographer, but instead requested that guests take as many candid shots as they could. Disposable cameras were provided for those who didn’t have a camera. We took advantage of the natural props such as sand dunes sprinkled with sea oats, mounds of driftwood, and the crashing surf. The bride, groom and wedding party cavorted playfully on the beach as we shot photos until the sun went down.

Eat, Drink and be Merry

As the huge orange sun dropped out of sight on the horizon, we all headed to the beach house to enjoy an abundance of seafood that was caught by the groom and his groomsmen the day before the wedding. The grill was fired up, the side dishes were set on the table, the wine flowed freely and we all ate the wonderful fresh catch while we listened to Reggae and Jimmy Buffet.

A Late Night Walk under the Stars

It was almost midnight when my husband and I headed down the beach toward the cottage we rented for the remainder of the week. The cool ocean breeze felt good against our faces as we left our footprints in the sand. We reflected about the day and agreed the wedding was one of the most extraordinary ceremonies we have ever had the pleasure to attend. The bride and groom were not stressed about whether the band would play all the right tunes, or whether the caterer would have enough food. I would highly recommend a carefree wedding to those who just can’t wrap their minds around months of planning and thousands of dollars. The beach is a wonderful venue, and it’s free!