5 Family Holidays for less than £1,000.

It is easy to find “holidays on a budget” listed on the Internet. Many sites are devoted to cheap family travel due to the global recession. Even if the economy has not devoured all of your money, you may prefer saving where you can. A bargain generally makes a person feel good and there is enough competition in the travel industry to create a savings wherever and whenever you travel. It is possible to save on an air-fare, hotel accommodation, packages, restaurant services, tours and more.

  1. Lego-Land in Windsor. If the kids love Star Wars, they are in for a treat when they enter the newest addition to the Lego-land world. Imaginations are tickled by the mini-land, other galaxy travel experience. Lego-Land ticket prices start at £109 for a family of four. Stay overnight at the Windsor Hilton for free, eat a scrumptious breakfast and enter into another galaxy, all for the price of £28 per person. This is a great mini-excursion that can be coupled with other 1-3 day adventures.
  1. The Summerfields Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth is a wonderful spot if the family is on a tight budget. Whether you choose to stay in Summerwave House or the Summertide Bungalows, you will be able to spend time at the water’s edge with the children. Evening entertainment for the adults and children’s play area and the Elle Elephant Club are all available for everyone’s enjoyment. There are many spots to rent for under £100/3days, pet friendly facilities and wonderful views of the Wale’s coastline. Check-out Northumberland, Essex, Suffolk and others for fun for the entire family.
  1. The Travelodge Budget Hotel chain offers phenomenal savings at many desirable UK destinations of your choosing. Pricing is for a family of four or a single room made available for £19 or £29 per night. Many popular seaside destinations offer very nice and quite comfortable rooms.
  2. Located in Hampshire, England, United Kingdom is the Marwell Wildlife Center that is home to more than 150 different species of animals. Up- close and friendly encounters are great for the children and Mum and Dad, too. Marwell sponsors many conservation programs worldwide while offering opportunities for the whole family to visit different worldly animals. Many themed areas can be discovered across the 150 acre park. Discount vouchers are available for additional savings. Many fine accommodations are located nearby.
  3. A trip to London that is child friendly holiday and affordable includes seeing all the famous spots throughout the city. Theme parks, the London Zoo, the Waxworks, the Tower of London and the Bridge are all awesome for the kids. The various modes of transportation are interesting to children of all ages. Big Ben and the Changing of the Guard are educational and provide family fun for the curious. Food from all around the world is served in various city restaurants. Last minute deals often times produce a big savings on hotel accommodations. Seeing the capital city is a great idea for all family members.

 Tips for saving money in Italy

A brand new website setup in Italy allows people to compare the prices of across a number of products and services being offered. The term “confronta ADSL” or (english: compare ADSL) covers one recently launched channel. There are also channels containing Guida all’acquisto (purchasing guides).