The positive impact charitable giving can have for your children

It’s not too surprising that as children grow older they tend to become more generous with their money. Many children are taught, from a young age, that activities such as sharing and giving to others are good things. Later as adults we learn that is this is the way to interact with the world; through compassion and seeking to treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves. Through which we become the person we are. Exposing children to charities is a way of doing this at a much earlier age.

Allowing children to participate in charitable events or giving them the opportunity to donate to charities, provides them with an opportunity to look beyond their familiar world towards new ideals and concepts. Understanding the needs of others, and being given the opportunity to help meet those needs, helps build the child’s self-worth, confidence, and happiness. At the same time the child is also exposed to the concept of collective purpose, which contrasts with their own egocentric desires typically forged during childhood.

When we teach our children the value of giving, we invest in their long term satisfaction. While some people feel that giving to charities is simply a financial interaction, it can have extremely powerful emotional benefits. Countless studies show that an abundance of money does not equal an abundance of happiness. Charitable acts can have a positive effect by providing a perspective on the function of money that is distinct from what children hold to be true – money = wealth = happiness.

Teaching children about charity is also a great way to expose them to an alternative function of money – to do good selflessly, and helping others to survive – No parent wants their child to become a slave to money where their child’s only goal to amass as much as possible at whatever cost. However this is the reality that many teenagers are exposed to through music and popular culture.

Parents will agree that on one thing unanimously – all want their children to be successful and happy in whatever they do. Teaching your child about the happiness in helping others can only benefit them as a life skill.

Everyone, at some point in their life needs a helping hand, and when a child realizes this it makes for a next generation of global citizens that look more at the collective worth in their actions, than the simply individualistic ones. They are able to give to those who are in need and graciously accept help when they cannot make it on their own.

When we teach how to give to charity, what we are ultimately doing is displaying the value of others and teaching to our children how they can open their hearts to others and offer compassion.

The Shopping Meccas of London

The UK’s capital city has much to offer visitors including, not least, the famous theatrical scene in the West End. In terms of shopping, London is one of the best cities in Europe with plenty of luxury retailers for the discerning shopper looking for something special during their stay.

Fortnum & Mason

Established on Piccadilly – near to Green Park – in 1707, Fortnum and Mason is one of London’s premier department stores. Originally a grocer’s, the reputation of the shop for high quality goods built over the nineteenth century when it rapidly expanded into other areas. The store offers visitors the perfect English afternoon dining experience with a famous tea shop. It also boasts several restaurants and is a preferred place to buy picnic hampers. If you are looking for presents that really say something about the country you bought them in, then this is the shop for you.

Bond Street

This thoroughfare in West London is full of high end retailers who offer a bit more than their counterparts on other streets of the capital. Bond Street is probably most associated with its range of jewellery shops where you can pick up anything from Fabergé to Rolex to Cartier. However, the area also offers a good choice of fine art and antique dealers as well as a gallery or two. Another good thing about a day spent shopping on Bond Street is that it offers half a dozen health salons and day spas, making it the perfect place to relax as well as shop.


This shopping centre is located in White City, close to the former headquarters of the BBC. Its retail area is sizeable and roughly equivalent to 30 full size football pitches. The site is also easily accessible from Shepherd’s Bush. Opened in 2008, the centre has plenty of modern retailers such as Uniqlo, Mammas and Pappas and Apple that operate from within its walls. Luxury goods can be purchased from the village section of the centre which features high end brands such as Burberry, Dior and Louis Vuitton. The site also features a cinema, so catch a film once you have finished your shopping.

Carnaby Street

This pedestrianized street is a great place to head for both the fashion conscious and younger visitors to the capital. Located between Soho and Regent Street, it built its reputation as a cool and trendy place to shop and be seen in the 1960s when London’s music and fashion scene was truly swinging. These days, the Carnaby Street is full of independent retailers and smaller shops which trade on this heritage. Expect to find retro-cool clothing, vintage seconds and music-oriented fashions. If you prefer shopping in boutiques, rather than the larger department stores, then this is the place for you.


Just a short walk from Carnaby Street lays one of London’s most iconic shops. Liberty is department store like no other. Founded as far back as 1975, the shop sells plenty of luxury goods including cosmetics, perfumes, jewellery and stationery. However, it is probably best known for its graphic and floral prints. Built in a distinctive mock-Tudor architectural style, the store has a long history of bringing lesser known designers to the attention of a wider public by showcasing their talents. As such, it always seems to have an edge that other retailers sometimes lack. Liberty always appears to be one step ahead of the latest trend.

Wherever you head in central London, there is a good quality shop somewhere nearby. It is simply a question of finding the right one for you and enjoying the shopping experiences that the capital has to offer.